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About Us

SUGANJALI is a diverse and rapidly expanding company operating in multiple sectors across India and internationally. Suganjali focus areas include:

Health Care Sector (Geriatric & Hospice): Specializing in home care services.

Wellness Community Project (All Over Kerala): Engaged in promoting wellness initiatives across Kerala.

Medical Tourism: Facilitating medical treatments and services for international patients.

Bank Loans: Providing financial solutions through bank loans.

Education: Involved in e-tuition, admissions services, and likely other educational initiatives.

Life/ Medical and Vehicle Insurance: Offering insurance services for life, medical, and vehicles.

GPS Kids/ Personal/ Vehicle Tracker: Providing tracking solutions for children, individuals, and vehicles.

Software Marketing: Engaged in marketing and possibly development of software solutions.

Event Management: Organizing and managing events across various domains.

Consultancy & Solutions: Strategic Planning, Financial Advisory, Marketing and Sales Consulting, Customized Software Solutions, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and Project Management

SUGANJALI's impressive growth is  evidenced by its presence in 14 major cities domestically and internationally. They have a substantial customer base of over 1300 businesses and collaborate with more than 1000 active business associates. With a team of over 100 dedicated professionals, they seem well-positioned as a leader in the service industry, offering a comprehensive range of solutions across multiple sectors.

Suganjali Enterprises got the following achievements from Medical, Insurance & other sectors : –

No.1 agency 2016

Sulthan TM – Highest number of IMB policies on 2016

Sapphire Club,
Gold Club 2016
Diamond Club 2017& 2018

Outstanding performance 2017 & 2018

Take off AMJ 2017

Outstanding performance in LEAD GENERATION

Qualified for Hyderabad, DUBAI & THAILAND Conference 2017 & 2018.
A One Stop Shop for complete business solutions.

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